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  1. Textiles & Folies SFX Pack Teaser

    März 3, 2015 by André

    Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-24 um 13.21.05

    Die Klangmanufaktur arbeitet an einem neuen Sound FX Pack namens Textiles & Folies. Hier der Teaser:

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  2. Über den Sound zum Film Godzilla

    März 2, 2015 by André

    Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-24 um 14.06.02

    [via: SoundWorks Collection]

  3. Über den Sound zum Film “Unbroken”

    Februar 24, 2015 by André

    Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-24 um 13.40.24

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  4. Handcrafted – Kurzdoku über den Gitarrenbauer Eitan Bartal

    Februar 24, 2015 by André

    Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-24 um 13.12.08

    [via: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk]

  5. Soundfighter – Live Street Fighter Vertonung

    Februar 23, 2015 by André

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  6. Hearing Tarantino – Supercut

    Februar 14, 2015 by André

    Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-14 um 18.26.09

    From the delicate intricacies used to display the fastidiousness of a character, to the overzealous noises paying tribute to a genre–here is a quick video I created to showcase the many unique and effective sounds used in the films of Quentin Tarantino.

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  7. Kostenfreie Aufnahme eines langen Gewitters

    Februar 5, 2015 by André

    Eine sehr lange Gewitteraufnahme aus dem Herbst 2014, welche ich über Soundcloud Kostenfrei zur verfügung stelle.

  8. Wunderschöner Mini-Soundtrack – Echophon strings

    Februar 4, 2015 by André

    Using the Echophon’s two feedback loops to synthesize solo and ensemble string sounds. A small bit of reverb was added after the fact.

    Signal path: Cyclebox (vocal formant bank) –> Dr. Octature 12dB LPF–> QMMG (LPG) –> Echophon (50/50 wet/dry mix)

    The LPG is being opened by a Maths envelope (ch.4). The same envelope is controlling the Echophon’s feedback amount. Throughout the patch, I am adjusting the amount and polarity of the feedback CV.

    The Echophon’s pitch shifter is being controlled through Row 2 of a Pressure Points/Brains combo (clocked by Math’s EOC output). The Echophon is set to shift at 1v/oct. The Cyclebox’s pitch is not changing.

    [via: Music of Sound]

  9. Mark Mothersbaugh führt durch seine Synth-Sammlung

    Februar 4, 2015 by André

    The bright green, circular building of Mutato Muzika in Los Angeles is easy to spot when cruising down Sunset Boulevard. But most people might not realize it contains the creative hub of Mark Mothersbaugh, a founding member of DEVO turned award-winning Hollywood composer. Famous for his use of the synthesizer, Mothersbaugh has accumulated a vast collection over the years. We had the chance to check out a small selection of Mothersbaugh synths and spent some time talking about the future of music with the prolific artist.

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    Februar 2, 2015 by André

    Im sechsten Teil der Serie „Landgang”, präsentiert von ANALOGSOUL und relativ kollektiv, begleiten wir “LILABUNGALOW” bei ihren Tourvorbereitungen zum neuen Album ‘PEACE TO GOLD’.

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